Matlab Tutorial 3: Strings in Matlab

>> a=1; % the class is double and the storage size is 8 bytes.
>> words='This is a string'
>> words(2) % gives the second element in the variable words.
ans = h

Different applicable commands to cell arrays can be found in the table below:

  • cell(m,n) Creates an empty m by n cell array.
  • celldisp(A) Displays all elements in the cell array A.
  • cellplot(A) Gives a graphical picture of the cell array A.
  • cell2struct(A,post,dim) Creates a structure, if dim=1, the information is read column wise to field 1 in the structure.
>> words(2)='t' % replaces the second element in the vector with t.


We will also exemplify how cell2struct can be used. If the concept structure is not known from programming you will also have a possibility later on in the course to get to know the concept. Structure is a variable containing different fields. Think of it as a method of organizing the variable. Each field can be accessed by dot notation.

>> E=cell2struct(A,{'first_name','last_name','age','sport'},2)
% notice that dimension is now 2.
E =
2x1 struct array with fields:
Display the different fields within the structure:
ans =
first_name: 'Charles'
last_name: 'Anderson'
age: 23
sport: 'football'
first_name: 'Gwen'
last_name: 'Nolan'
age: 34
sport: ’golf’

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  1. Khashabi — May 19, 2010 @ 6:23 pm

    great !
    go on …

  2. Khashabi — May 19, 2010 @ 7:20 pm

    seems missing a ‘\’ before ‘n’ (new line escape character)
    Line: x= input(‘Give me a name !: n’,’s’); % skips a row

  3. saravanan — November 21, 2011 @ 9:52 am

    You are saying it is possible to change a letter by assigning with new string. Is it possible in structures, for example,

    s.text = ‘TITLE=”PhotoStudio Exported Data”‘
    [1×98 char]
    ‘ZONE T=”PhotoStudio Data” K = 147 F=PAINT’

    s.text(3) = ‘ZONE T=”PhotoStudio Data” K = 169 F=PAINT’
    For REPLACING THE STRING, suppose if I assign
    s.text(3) = ‘ZONE T=”PhotoStudio Data” K = 13 L =13 F=PAINT’
    it is not assigning so and what is the problem in it?

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